When you were sipping your favorite coffee did you ever think where the origin of coffee is? The history of coffee consists of so many myths and stories. The story took place in Ethiopia.Once, a goat herder from Ethiopia was herding his goats to the valley. He noticed that his goats are eating some small red color fruits and he could find out that the goats became highly energetic after they ate that little red cherries.Then he collected some beans and the coffee branch and explained about the incident to the Priest at the local Monastery.The Priest asked for some water and boiled the water by putting the beans in it. He tasted the drink. It was so horrible that he threw it in the fire.After sometimes a sweet aroma started to come and the full area filled with it. Then they understood that the smell and taste are coming because of the roasting technique. Then the Abbot started to drink that liquid before his evening prayer, and he could find out that he was able to do the prayer with a full alert.The priest shared this with other members in the monastery and the story of the highly energizing drink spread all over the village.

              By the 10th century, coffee brewing gained its popularity after reaching Arabia.In ancient days only the selling of roasted beans was allowed and also, not all the people are allowed to drink the coffee. Then by the 15th and 16th-century people in Yemeni district of Arabia, Egypt, Persia, Turkey, etc. started growing the coffee plants. By the 17th century, the Europian travelers have managed to bring some coffee beans to their country.The people in Europe then started talking about the bitter drink, and they eventually started liking it.Thus, coffee became popular in Europian countries.Although there are a lot of controversies happened regarding coffee, people started having and experimenting different flavors of coffee and coffee shops, and restaurants began in each and every corner of the continent. Then it became their favorite breakfast drink.Instead of drinking beer and wine people started consuming the energy giving coffee which helps them to stay awake for a long time.People started the coffee business, and as the competition began, they tried to find out tastier coffee flavor to becoming number one in the market. Well, do you want to know everything regarding coffee? From the quality of bean to the quality and type of machine required for making your favorite coffee?Then check out the site espressomachinecritic.com .

          Now, Brazil is the country which produces the largest quantity of coffee.Yes, Coffee started its journey centuries ago and now became the lifestyle of people all over the world.