Thinking about how to get rid of that few extra pounds from your body? The interesting thing is that caffeine is the most important component in almost all fat burning supplements.It says that if you consume around 100mg of caffeine a day, you can burn around 75mg fat. But don't forget to do your regular exercise because this combination of coffee and exercise will do magic on your body. For a better result, have a coffee just  25 or 30 minutes before you are doing the workout. But people are usually confused about how to make various kind of coffees. From the website you can get a clear cut idea about how to choose your coffee machine.The caffeine in coffee contributes to reducing your tiredness. The scientific reason is that, when you are drinking coffee, the caffeine will reach your brain and from there it will block the neurotransmitter Adenosine. Studies says that just smelling the nice aroma of coffee will help you to reduce the stress level and make you stay happy.

               What about the world with all people having a smile on the face always? But, according to WHO, more than 350 million individuals in the world are suffering from depression. More than men, women are affected by depression. According to Harvard school of public health, for both men and women, if they are consuming 2 to 4 cups of coffee per day, the chances of committing suicide can reduce by about 50%. Coffee can do wonders against diabetes also. Based on a study of American chemical society coffee will help you to lower the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. The high antioxidant capacity of coffee will help to prevent the damages in tissues which are caused by oxygen-free radicals. And, the minerals such as chromium and magnesium will help our body to use insulin hormone which contributes to control the blood sugar level. But do not forget to reduce your sugar consumption.

         Some studies say that coffee drinking people are in the lower level of getting cancer.For men, the chances of developing prostate cancer can reduce up to 20% if he is a regular coffee drinker. Similarly, for women, the possibilities of endometrial and skin cancer can also get reduced up to 25%. It is the antioxidants in coffee which help to prevent several types of cancer. Liver cirrhosis can decrease about 41% if you drink coffee more often, according to the studies.Many senior citizens in the world have Alzheimer's and Dementia. This disease will mostly affect people aged over 65 years.It is the most common degenerative disorder in the world.  Till now we could not find out a curative medicine for this disease. Well, coffee lovers can make this disease stay away as drinking some cup of coffee is also helps you to avoid the risk of developing Alzheimer's and Dementia.
        Do you know drinking coffee does not be the cause of heart disease? It always says that the increased caffeine intake will cause an increase in the blood pressure level.In fact, based on some studies, researchers says that the risk of developing heart disease can reduce among woman who drinks coffee regularly.